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eBooks, Music, Websites, PDF's, Digital Art, as well as tangible items such as Paperback & Hard Cover Books, Manuals, Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures, Announcements...etc...

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Wizard Wise Publishing is your one stop shop for self publishing digital, printed, and audio content...

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We offer years of self publishing experience and knowledge to help guide you on your own personal journey...

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Self publish your very own website or have wizard wise desigh and build one for you or jus use wizard wise for the occasional consultancy as we supply you with all the newest and proven tools to design,build, and publish your own website from scratch using easy drag and drop architecture.


Self publish your own eBooks, paperbacks, and hardcovers as well as your short stories and serials.  Wizard Wize Publishing will guide you as you see fit every step of the way, some authors need proofing and direction, others just need help formating their art to meet the specifications of the platform, no matter which or any other self publishing situation wizard wise publishing can assist you as you see fit


Wizard Wise Publishing is super exited about our Music Publishing Platfom New to 2023, for all those that aspire to release their passion via music, Wizard Wise Publishing may just be the next big thing!


Wizard Wise Publishing is so much more than services, dashboards and platforms, at the heart and soul of it Wizard Wise Publishing is about it's Members, people just like you and just like me.

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In today's fast paced do it yourself world we tend to take on a bit more than we can chew, . . . at one time anyway, ultimately we are determined and self motivated to figure it all out, but in the beginning and in the meantime it can all seam so overwhelming, this is where Wizard Wise Publishing comes in, a place to help self publishers at their level of need, and to still allow the self publisher (you) total creative control over your creative endeavor.  Wizard Wise is here to help with all matters concerning self publishing websites, music, ebooks, pdf's, digital art,as well as physical goods such as paperback books, hard cover books, manuals, pamphlets, brochures, flyers, business cards, t-shirts, hoodies, caps, yard signs and so much more