About us

Wizard Wise Publishing was born out of necessity by all those determined to do it on their own . . .

Got some ideas? Have questions? We're ready for them.

Your ideas matter to us, it is not just a cliche, all of us here have been in your shoes, and while none of us promises to have all the answers we all have a unique story to tell that may save you time, energy, frustration, anger and ultimately money. Relax you are not alone, we are here, how can we help you?

Our SIMPLE Methodology


Everyone needs a place to call home and your online presence is no different, you need a central hub where everything else will dissiminate from. A source pure among all others, your online HOME. 

(an actual location)


This is your Website and will be the most important laison you have to the outside world.


It works 24/7 and is never closed! Best of all it works directly for you and is under your complete control.


It all starts here!



No matter whether you are promoting a book an album, a business or any other thing, that thing needs it's own persona, it's own identity, it's own attitude. It needs to stand out, and this becomes more than your logo or branding, it becomes your "image" and its what has the lasting impression in those you have touched with your creative spark!

(an ideology)


This "persona" needs to be branded with logos, colors, slogans, etc... across the playing field, starting with your website, then transcending into your social media accounts and beyond, I say and beyond becomes there comes a point where accounts are created for you and the only way you have to determine you image is to already have it out there for the bot accounts to mimick, other wise you will might be presented in an unflattering light


Now that you have the location and the image we need to bring it all together with the "Why" the true "functunality" of what you are promoting, selling, pushing , advocating for etc, without this "functunality" component there is no purpose, without purpose, no interest, no interest, low viewership, no sales.


This functionality needs to extend to your social media accounts as well clearly laying out a path to the goals you have set to convert to more readership, viewership, and ultimately more sales.


Now that we have built a strong foundational home and a solid personal presence along with clear mechanics of what your offer is and how easy it is to obtain it we need to expose this to the correct audience, and this is the key to success, without your key audience you are still doomed to fail, so this last step is the most crucial and overlooked, but for more detailed information contact wizard wise publishing with all your self publishing needs!


This exposure can now be usedd to your advantage and leveraged across all your social media platforms to maximise your concerted plan of attack, before during and after your releases.


Also learn tips on how to create engaging content for your social media accounts reletive to you and your craft without being redundant, and this in of itself is an artform.